Who can register for Student’s Vice?

Once you have a Smartphone, tablet, or laptop you eligible to join our platform and start making your money from home with other packages.

How do I register?
How do I get Activation Code?

Activation Code is a secret code worth ₦2,500 which serves as an alternative to direct transfer and card payment to make registration. You purchase the Activation Code from our approved agents at the rate of ₦2,500 and you will apply the code during registration. visit AGENT PAGE

How do I log-in to my account?

– To log into your account, Go to the home page and click the menu,  Find login and click it. Then fill in your details and click sign in.

How do I get my Referral Link?

– You can find your referral link on your dashboard. Click the referral icon and scroll down. Click the signup and reload your page. That will sold your problem.

How do I, referral Someone?

– Signing up for referrals, you get your referral link. Copy your referral link and share it with your friends who are interested in registering. To help convince people, we have provided some screenshots of some payments we’ve made. Find the link in your dashboard and download the Images and share to them.

How many Vice Coin Do I need to get paid?

– You need about 45,000 Vice coins to get paid on our platform.

For you to get paid, you need to request for Withdrawals after you have reached the payment threshold and have gotten the number of referrals required by your ViceCoin Category.

What is ViceCoin Category?

ViceCoin Category is the amount ViceCoin you need to get paid with the required referral. Visit How it works to know more

How do I get the daily Sponsored Advert?

– For Now, we don’t have Sponsored Advert. Once we add that, we will share the link on your dashboard.

How do I request for Payment?

There is a button (REQUEST WITHDRAWAL) in your account. If you don’t make a request for withdrawal before Friday, you will not get paid that week. Your payment will be rolled over to the upper week and please make sure you request your payments.

I have reached 45,000 VC but I was not paid

reasons you were not paid

  • maybe you have not gotten the number of referrals required by your ViceCoin Category.
  • maybe you request for payment after we have collected the names of those qualified for payment.
  • maybe you don’t enter your bank details correctly.
Why is my Vice coin not increasing when I read and comment on posts?

– There are two things that may be causing these issues. when your vice coins are not increasing. You might have either exceed the daily limits of posts and comments for each user or you are viewing and commenting on an old post.

if these do not answer your question then you can contact the admin 

About us

Student’s Vice was not specifically designed to reach only students, it is open for all across Africa and the world at large. We are on a mission to help, strengthen, and empower people all over Africa. “After School what Next?” is a question that comes around the mind of so many students in Africa and we have held onto it to help by bringing a one time Opportunity to your doorsteps. To empower more people, not just the students, we have created a platform on which we share a certain percentage of our monthly revenues to our REGISTERED MEMBERS and also select randomly to help the 10 Most Active Members annually to start up his or her business. We don’t have a severe strict measure for our users. Our goal is to ensure that we work diligently to provide profitable and reliable services to all our users.